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Simple Threading Library.

This is a collection of light weight wrapper classes around the basic Win32 multithreading primitives.

The Simple Threading Library consists of a single thread.h header file and a corresponding thread.cpp implementation file. Included with the library are the following classes: Mutex, Lock, Event, IRunnable, and Thread. A minimal main.cpp test application is included that demonstrates how the classes in the library can be used.

An earlier version of this library originally appeared on flipcode as the Simple Win32 Thread Class.

zip file Download source, and Visual C++ 2010 solution files.

Change History:

10 July 2010.
Added missing .vcxproj.filters file to the project.

13 June 2010.
Updated solution to Microsoft Visual Studio 2010.

2 February 2008.
Updated solution to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008.

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