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XNA 4.0 Billboarding 3 Demo

This XNA Windows application builds on the XNA 4.0 Billboarding 2 Demo by introducing animation to the vertices of the billboard. Each vertex of the billboard is given an animation weight between 0 and 1 where a weight of 0 means that the vertex will not be animated and a weight of 1 means the vertex will be fully animated. The billboarding vertex shader in this demo simply uses the sine function to generate a nice periodic oscillation. The overall effect is as if wind is blowing on the billboard and the top half the billboard is affected by the wind and the bottom part isn't. For further details on this animation technique see "GPU Gems 2: Chapter 1 Toward Photorealism in Virtual Botany".

1. This demo requires shader model 2.0 or higher support.
2. This demo requires the XNA 4.0 Framework End User Runtimes.

screen shot

zip file Download executable, source, assets, and XNA Game Studio 4.0 solution files.

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