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Welcome to dhpoware.

This site is dedicated to real-time 2D/3D graphics and games programming using Vulkan, OpenGL and Direct3D. We maintain a repository of source code that you can use in your own projects. Occasionally we release demos showcasing particular graphics and games programming techniques.

Latest News.

1 July 2024.
The initial version of the pygfxmath library is now available. pygfxmath is a Python 3.x port of the 3D mathlib. Grab the latest release over on GitHub.

6 June 2024.
NVIDIA announced the general availability of their NVIDIA ACE digital human generative AI technologies at Computex. Read more

16 May 2024.
LunarG has released Vulkan SDK for Windows, Linux, and macOS. Read more here.

24 April 2024.
Unreal Engine 5.4 is now available. This new version includes updates to the core UE5 toolset that includes: rendering, worldbuilding, procedural content generation, and more. View the highlight video here. Read the release notes here.

27 March 2024.
NVK is now ready to be shipped to users and will be part of Mesa 24.1. NVK is the open source Vulkan driver for NVIDIA hardware in Mesa. Read more here.

AMD announced FSR 3.1 at this year's GDC 2024. AMD FSR 3.1 will provide improved upscaling quality, decoupling upscaling from frame generation, and a new AMD FidelityFX API. Read more here.

2 February 2024.
Microsoft's Devblogs site has a bunch of videos describing how to use Git with Visual Studio. You can watch the videos here.

12 January 2024.
Happy New Year!

Vulkan-Hpp has been part of the LunarG Vulkan SDK since version 1.0.24. Vulkan-Hpp provides header only C++ bindings for the Vulkan C API. Read more about it here.

View Archived News for 2023.

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