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Welcome to dhpoware.

This site is dedicated to real-time 2D/3D graphics and games programming using Vulkan, OpenGL and Direct3D. We maintain a repository of source code that you can use in your own projects. Occasionally we release demos showcasing particular graphics and games programming techniques.

Latest News.

28 August 2023.
The Vulkan Working Group has released the VK_EXT_host_image_copy extension. This extension allows data to be copied between host memory and images on the host processor, without staging the data through a GPU-accessible buffer. Read more here.

KDAB has released a thin wrapper around Vulkan called KDGpu. KDGpu makes modern graphics APIs more accessible and easier to learn by cutting through the verbose syntax. Read more here.

31 July 2023.
Meta has released their new open source Intermediate Graphics Library (IGL) on GitHub. IGL is a cross-platform library that runs on Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android. Multiple rendering backends are supported including: Metal, OpenGL, OpenGL ES, Vulkan, and WebGL. Download it here.

26 June 2023.
Epic Games showed off the Procedural Content Generation framework (PCG) for Unreal Engine 5.2 at this year's State of Unreal at GDC. The Electric Dreams demo has now been released as the Electric Dreams Environment Sample Project. Read more here.

30 May 2023.
The latest Khronos Blog article discusses the recently released VK_KHR_ray_tracing_position_fetch extension for Vulkan. The Ray Tracing Position Fetch extension enables your application to directly retrieve position and attribute information to avoid duplication of geometry data storage. Read more here.

30 April 2023.
LunarG has released the results of their February 2023 Vulkan SDK and Ecosystem survey. Windows, Linux, Android, and MoltenVK are still the top 4 target platforms. glslangValidator (glsl->SPIR-V) or shaderc (glsls->SPIR-V) remains the most used front end from which to generate SPIR-V. Read the full report here.

29 March 2023.
The website will be undergoing some routine maintenance in the next couple of weeks. Any site disruptions will be kept to a minimum.

27 February 2023.
AMD has released a new version of their Open Source Driver for Vulkan on Linux. Release v-2023.Q1.2 updates the Khronos Vulkan Headers to 1.3.240 and adds support for VK_EXT_physical_device_drm. Read more here.

2 January 2023.
Happy New Year!

Don't forget to download the latest Vulkan SDK released last month. Download it here.

View Archived News for 2022.

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