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16 December 2016.
Crytek has released CryEngine 5.3. Highlights of this new release includes: debut of a new visual scripting language called Schematyc; new built-in support for NVIDIA's PhysX; refactored C# support; updates to the Sandbox Editor; rework of the Entity System; switching over to CMake as the new build system for CryEngine; and support for high DPI monitors. Read more here.

28 November 2016.
The Vulkan Programming Guide: The Official Guide to Learning Vulkan is now available.

OGLdev has released Tutorial 50: Introduction to Vulkan. Read more here.

Earlier this year in May Crytek released the source code of their CryEngine V game engine to Github. Back in August Gamedev.net published an article describing the results of running static code analyzers over the game engine's source code. Read more here.

31 October 2016.
AMD's GPUOpen website has a nice section on Vulkan and to use it on Radeon GPUs. Read more here.

30 September 2016.
The Vulkan API is portable across platforms. To ensure your Vulkan application is indeed portable you should make use of Vulkan's Validation Layers. The Khronos Group recently released the Vulkan Validation Layers Deep Dive webinar on their website. Watch it here.

30 August 2016.
The Khronos Group has released a bunch of video presentations from their SIGGRAPH 2016 sessions. You can watch them on YouTube.

Also from SIGGRAPH 2016 is a replay of Jeff Kiel and Mark Kilgard's "NVIDIA OpenGL in 2016" presentation. You can watch it here. The slides from this presentation can be downloaded from here.

23 July 2016.
Intel have a nice series of Vulkan tutorials on their Developer Zone web site. Read more.

NVIDIA has updated their GameWorks Graphics samples. Release 3 is now available and contains updated OpenGL and Vulkan samples. For further details and download links visit the NVIDIA GameWorks Vulkan and OpenGL Samples web site.

30 June 2016.
GameDev has published an excellent tutorial on how to get started with Vulkan. The tutorial steps you through the code required to render a triangle onto the screen using Vulkan on Windows. The author is planning a port of the tutorial code to Linux. Read more.

31 May 2016.
Allen Chou recently updated his website with A Brain Dump of What I worked on for Uncharted 4. Allen is a developer at Naughty Dog who worked on AI and game logic for Uncharted 4.

30 April 2016.
This month saw the release of Mesa 11.2.0. Mesa 11.2.0 implements the OpenGL 4.1 API. A full list of changes included in this release can be found here.

31 March 2016.
The slides and presentation video of the Khronos Group sessions at GDC 2016 are now available online. Download links and further information can be found here.

29 February 2016.
The Khronos Group released the specifications for Vulkan 1.0 on the 16 February. The specifications can be downloaded from the Khronos Vulkan Registry. For further details please visit the official Vulkan web site.

31 January 2016.
The website will be undergoing some routine maintenance in the next couple of weeks. Any site disruptions will be kept to a minimum.

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