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24 December 2014.
This Apple support page lists the OpenGL and OpenCL support in OS X Mavericks and OS X Yosemite. You can find the support page here.

From all of us here at dhpoware we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

30 November 2014.
Debugging OpenGL code is never fun. Fortunately there are many debugging tools available to assist us with this task. Both NVIDIA and AMD offer freely available tools for their GPUs. NVIDIA has its Nsight Visual Studio Edition and AMD has its GPU PerfStudio. A popular open source alternative is GLIntercept. Finally Valve is developing their own OpenGL debugger called VOGL.

30 October 2014.
The website will be undergoing some routine maintenance in the next couple of weeks. Any site disruptions will be kept to a minimum.

27 September 2014.
This month saw the release of NVIDIA's new GeForce 900 series GPUs based on the Maxwell architecture. Initial offerings are the GeForce GTX 980 for enthusiasts and the cheaper, high-end GeForce GTX 970. You can watch the announcement video here.

30 August 2014.
This month saw the release of the OpenGL 4.5 specifications. The full specifications are now available for downloaded at the OpenGL Registry.

NVIDIA have released drivers supporting OpenGL 4.5. They can be downloaded here.

31 July 2014.
GameDev.net has published a new article with links to many OpenGL 3.3 tutorials. Read more here.

SIGGRAPH 2014 is almost here. The convention runs from August 10 to August 14 at the Vancouver Convention Center in Vancouver, Canada.

NVIDIA will be at SIGGRAPH 2014 hosting many events. The schedule of NVIDIA events can be found here.

30 June 2014.
Microsoft recently added Introduction to C++ and DirectX Game Development Jump Start to their list of course available on their Microsoft Virtual Academy web site.

31 May 2014.
At this year's Game Developer Conference (GDC) Microsoft revealed DirectX 12. The MSDN DirectX Developer Blog has a detailed overview of the new features in DirectX 12. You can read it here. NVIDIA has a blog post about DirectX 12 here.

30 April 2014.
AMD Catalyst 14.4 RC drivers for Windows with full OpenGL 4.4 support are now available. Download them from here. NVIDIA Windows drivers have supported OpenGL 4.4 since 22 July 2013 when the OpenGL 4.4 specifications were released. Download the NVIDIA drivers here.

31 March 2014.
Autodesk announced that the upcoming 2015 release of Softimage will be the final version. Existing Autodesk Softimage Subscription customers will be offered special no-cost options to migrate to either Maya or 3DS Max. Read more.

28 February 2014.
The website will be undergoing some routine maintenance in the next couple of weeks. Any site disruptions will be kept to a minimum.

31 January 2014.
One of the longest running - and still amongst the best - game development web sites is GameDev.net. The web site has been around since 1999 and their user forums are very active. Some of their recent featured articles include: Introduction to Octrees, Making a Game Engine: Core Design Principles, and Stretching Your Game To Fit The Screen Without Letterboxing - SDL2.

ACM SIGGRAPH has posted the "An Introduction to OpenGL Programming" course that was presented at the SIGGRAPH 2013 Conference. This course provides an accelerated introduction to programming OpenGL, emphasizing the most modern methods for using the library. You can watch the video here on YouTube.

View Archived News for 2013.

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